Thursday, August 22, 2013

Online shopping: be careful!

All of us have enjoyed the experience of buying online, and why  not?, if so convenient!.

Nothing simpler than search what you want to, look at the hundreds of options that usually have and choose something that you want to, or you send a gift to someone far away.

The entire experience is unique, until you receive an email saying, innocently: your card had a problem, please update your data.

This is the story we share with everyone so please do not fall:

You decide to send flowers for one of the most popular sites worldwide Flora 2000, choose flowers that best reflect your feeling, complete the purchasing process and receives an email, ensuring that your purchase has been successful.

Some hours later, you receive an email saying that they appreciate your purchase but your credit card has had a problem and ask you to update the same data.

Think twice!, NEVER follow those links, call your bank or online store and confirm the transaction, You  are close to be a victim of a fraud.

NEVER click on links, if he pays a little attention, e-mail addresses seem safe, they look similar but they are not.

Any online store may be the victim, but it is your credit card which will be sacked,

In this case, the Fraud comes from Eastern Europe, the IP is: 

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