Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Scam messages through Linkedin

This person is sending emails but is linked with several scams from Nigeria.
If you receive an email from this person, verify first his identity through fraud watch.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Online shopping: be careful!

All of us have enjoyed the experience of buying online, and why  not?, if so convenient!.

Nothing simpler than search what you want to, look at the hundreds of options that usually have and choose something that you want to, or you send a gift to someone far away.

The entire experience is unique, until you receive an email saying, innocently: your card had a problem, please update your data.

This is the story we share with everyone so please do not fall:

You decide to send flowers for one of the most popular sites worldwide Flora 2000, choose flowers that best reflect your feeling, complete the purchasing process and receives an email, ensuring that your purchase has been successful.

Some hours later, you receive an email saying that they appreciate your purchase but your credit card has had a problem and ask you to update the same data.

Think twice!, NEVER follow those links, call your bank or online store and confirm the transaction, You  are close to be a victim of a fraud.

NEVER click on links, if he pays a little attention, e-mail addresses seem safe, they look similar but they are not.

Any online store may be the victim, but it is your credit card which will be sacked,

In this case, the Fraud comes from Eastern Europe, the IP is: 

Monday, March 18, 2013

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Yahoo email account Hacked

Do you have an email account with Yahoo? well, Read this carefully: your email account is in risk and it can be hacked!
Since several months housands of email accounts have been hacked, How can you know it?  Simple,  You receive an email from Yahoo and notifies you that they detect a login attempt with valid password to your Yahoo account from an unrecgnized device and the Localization is Poland

They suggest you to change your password and activate a SECOND sign in verification with your mobile phone.which is the most STUPID suggestion!!Hello? Yahoo is not capable to keep your private information DO NOT add more private information to your account!

You receive an email like this:

The next thing you know, IF you are lucky is a list of Mailer Deamon telling you your emails bounced:
And now what? what should I do? keep calm, this hacker is not a stalker and you didn't left open your email account in a public place, this has been happening since several month , My only one advice: CHANGE your password, but don't forget is a security issue from Yahoo, you have the risk of suffering another attack.

Choose the option Change your password and you'll see this screen

Request to change the pssword and the type it and then you will see this screen

Finally I suggest you to View your recent Sign in Activity and you will have a screen like this:

All reports say this hacker works from Poland  Do you remember my post about IP addresses??

If you have a little bit of time and search the IP you will find something like this:

Here it comes the dark side of all this : Yahoo knows it but users  are still being hacked.You only need a free acces IP app to see all this, WHY Yahoo does nothing?

What is an IP address?

They are the best means of recognizing all the information when  someone sends an email, they are identified as a unique and unrepeatable number which is identified with a computer connected to a network that runs theIP protocol

Much of the work on cybercrime unit is to discover the IP addresses among other things, to discover all kind crimes especially stalkers.

To recognize an IP address from your email I show here two examples for this job post of a case of cyber bullying.

What you should know is that you the IP addresses are important because it allows to have a geolocalization of your stalker. My intention is not show you this to open the door for you and find that persons, police will do it if you are under police support, but it's ok  you can know where is the person who is bothering you, bur specially, even if you think nobody is seeing, there is a lot of information in a simple email.

In this case both messages were generated in the
Mexico City and a geolocator indicates that one message was generated in a restaurant in the downtown and the other in the same area from a private network.

In case you have Yahoo Mail

     Locate the action menu and click
Search the full header view action or View Full Header
You will see all the information on where the message was sent, to whom, at what time ... All this information is important to find patterns of behavior of bullies. 

Here is some more information.

If your email is generated from a private company that is paying for it, then you can see the information is displayed in this way, but also has the option to complete or Full Header header:

The private couriers are much better for research purposes as if the IP address has made a loop, as when a hacker makes it is easy to determine.

But the point is that do not delete any messages from your stalker, sometimes takes time but eventually make mistakes and in the meantime, you can make a map location and even know their habits. The messages are analyzed for what they say and what they do not say. 

Everything is valuable information, what people say and what they don't say.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Howard Gardner does justice by his own hand

Howard Gardner is a famous professor at  Harvard University who starring  one of the most talked  scandals in few mass media America an open a very serious and dangerous cyber harassment.

He claimed to be a victim of a scam,  but his actions make us think if he is good enough, since he fell in the lowest human temptations, despite being a researcher of intelligence and the good work.
December 2010, Howard Gardner through a mexican magazine  accuses a Mexican professor of "Academic fraud" and asked public sentence to this Person, even if there were some others, here two extracts of the letter sent to the magazine.

Clearly he is  not only seeking "justice" he is asking to readers to condemn, he tried justice  by his own hand which is illegal obviously, but that starts a series of events that inadvertently helped to a stalker.

This complain, in the right forum would have been perfectly legal at any court, however he opens the door to a criminal act at international size.

The result? a violent cyber stalker which began sending massive anonymous emails to other proffesors of the mexican educative institution, family and friends of the victim. Everybody should know the kind of person she is... even wishing her dead

This is a clear example of a stalker with all the possible ways to harassment. He has sent multiple emails to the victim, friends, colleges, family, mass media. He has talked about kill her, uses multiple names, emails accounts, social media with a clear unhealthy obsession about the victim and professor Gardner.

The door that opened the action of the prestigious Howard Gardner, escaped from  the control of the University authorities. With a media  attacking to the "author" of the fraud, claimed by Gardner and then other persons but never a judge, and she didn't have right of reply, because she  left her country.

Of course this begins a series of acts inconsistent with the educational institutions of Mexico as the of the prestigious University in Boston University in Boston.
Displays the result a violent Stalker which began sending massive anonymous mode so cruel that here the thoughts of a person of the University.

The most unfortunate thing of this "academic" case is that after 2 years of analyze, police found out  the stalker is a "educated person" with a PhD in social psychology obsessed with both the victim and Gardner, who spends his time studying  cyberbullying.
 So far professor Gardner still smiles to the cameras saying he understands intelligence and the "good work".

Stalker is still teaching at the Mexican institution.

Victim...  is trying to rebuild her life.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Higher Risk Groups

The main risk groups primarily are  those suffering where there is a higher level of competency and may seem incredible if those persons have a very high level,  beginning with the Univerities, it seems education does not remove violence, especially when resources  are limited and there is a race to push one side the  Competition.

A police report shows  57% of victims know their stalkers, 45% were couples, boy friends, girlfriends,  or spouse , 19.5% of attacks occur after a e-date.

71% of cases increase the level of harassment, reaching 25% of people who attempted or succeeded in physical violence against his victim.

The Other Son Attacks floors racist towards ethnic minorities as Jews, the characters of color, gays and lesbians, women who have had abortions, artist, Elderly and Children course.

The fact that the attacks happen sometimes between educated persons indicates that an educated people shows education braces not naturally human violence.