Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Science and harassment

If you believe scientists are decent persons, who can control impulses and understand in a better way the human being, you are wrong!, science is the most violent environment, because there is a clear power line.

It doesn't matter the level science has only few positions and thousands of persons trying to get a place in the science world.

I'll posted about the case of Howard Gardner, who take justice by his own hand, and how he open a door for a very violent Stalker in Mexico but for now, I want to share the note of the day, Johan Leher.

He was exposed by plagiarism, that can be ok, but the time, effort and pages that this causes has been overwhelming!. 

Here just an example 

Twitter was one of their best forum

 Everybody talks about this

A particular case? No!, unfortunately!

Here an example 
  The worst part of this post: Administrator of the site verify the email addres and she said: Subject: Re: Scientopia Guest Blog
"Thanks for letting me know. I tried to contact him but the emails all bounced, which from what you've told me doesn't surprise me much. Thanks for dealing so calmly with all this"

But, even this, the post was not deleted or reported, even if it was against the rules of the own site. This is an example of how persons accept harassment.

Not enough? Do you feel that education build civil minds? another note

Humans can be worst than animals when they have a chance, if there is an option between you and I, science point direct: I put mud on you, humans rights are just letters on a paper.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Facebook and Twiiter

We all love social networks offer us the opportunity to meet new people, interact with people they already know, to have social circles.
Of the first things you learn in the police units is that people are social by nature. Why do take care then?, Well human nature is violent.
Facebook, Twitter, Google and all its applications spend millions on research for the safety of users. MILLIONS.
Some people claim that there is no need to legislate the Internet, it is true, this is unnecessary for 90% of users Who are the other 10%? hackers, stalkers, rapists, murderers.
Ok, I do not want to scare anyone, we spent hours on facebook and twitter and we can continue to do so with some protection rules.

We should trust only the people we know but it's always good to meet new people.
Accepts new people on facebook, only if they:
- They are friends of your friends.
- They have a real name, if you find a magic flower and has a picture (although this may be false) and also not published anything and has no pictures of friends, travel or work, not l accept that person.

- I asked to be your friend or say know but do not know where. Follow your instincts.
-When a user opens your mind starts looking for his acquaintances, if you're the second on its list and we have any idea who he is, do not accept it and not be afraid to say you do not know.
The option of "I do not know this person" has saved to so many persons of potential stalkers.

 All right, you know someone bothers you and you want to block, go to the Security menu and left after the block is observed, there you can: restrict interaction list, block users who are already in your account, add user emails whereby no contact is desired, or block applications invitations events.

If your account has been reported, when you enter you looked something like this.

If you think it was an error, please contact directly to Facebook, because someone could use your account for a crime and were reported.
You still do not feel safe?, You can always contact the Facebook team to do something for you.

Twitter is easier for the user gasping, or spam messages simply click on the .... or contact directly to twitter.

Twitter makes it easy for users and calls report any anomaly, this can be an inappropriate photo or comment, but not delete suggests, they may serve as evidence in some trials.

One gets the idea that private communications can not be used in court cases, but the law in most countries indicates that this is so, provided IF "does not harm others."

Never close your social networking accounts if someone bothers you, there are safe enough to not be afraid, just learn to block annoying users.
Safety is  number one of all.
Enjoy social networks.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Blocking users in Google Plus

Note: this post has a photography that can offend and it's not rated to children younger than 15 years old.
Similar to all social networks, Google Plus let us find and know to an amazing number of people, but maybe not all of them are trustworthy persons, or we may not like what they share.
Of course, there is the case that  a stalker   is shielding itself behind a name and an account on the service.

Today I'll show you how to block a user on Google plus, in this case, the complaint comes because sexually explicit.

Please if you are a minor, ask that an adult accompany you.

Although this user does not show all his pictures  explicitly  because uses filters  to allow only some users to see them, his pics can cause some discomfort.

When a new user added you to his (her)  circles, we receive an email, the best to try to block from the link of that email  and not from Google plus tab in the toolbar, because sometimes the system does not understand the request.

Open your email and see the user's profile.

 In this case the images are not very convenient if you have small children around, so click the name of the user side, you can see it at the center of the screen, and find a small a tab that says Report Abuse.

 You may see two options, report abuse and / or block the user, I suggest perform both actions,that way  this user will not contact you anymore and the department of complaints of Google revise the user and his/her contents.

Even when a user who has multiple followers may not look dangerous, can be part of a network operating jointly for attract victims. Although of course is the event that either a person obsessed with sex.

Google asks you specify the reasons why crashes when user.

 The report is sent to Google.

This way you can report someone because his/her content is not appropriate or if one persons is causing us problems.


Thursday, February 14, 2013

A prevention project

Someone is bothering, now what?

First of all, keep calm and take it easy, sounds like ok? well, it's not so simple. Yes!, I know that person in f---g Your reputation, life and time, but be patient, one day is going to have a mistake and police will find enough to catch her/him.

Tip #1, save all evidences, people with fear has a natural tendency to delete the files, or emails, keep them!, every one and if your friends receive something, ask them to save it too.

Tip # 2, where to call the police? when you notice a pattern or find a higher level of violence. One email or one comment is not enough.

Tip #3, talk about it with your friends, people support keep you alive.

Tip # 4, don't reply, ignore it, stalker needs to know you are in pain, don't give her/him that pleasure.

Here there are a couple of Advices and here other made for teenager but it can work with adults good enough 

How much time can be necessary to stop your stalker?, sometimes 1 month, sometimes 2 or 3 years, but sooner or later they have a mistake, don't worry!.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

How can be done the cyber harassment?

There are multiple ways in which harasses can be done, among which have been found are:

-Sending messages of anger, rude, vulgar in a direct way to one or several persons privately or in a group.

-Harassing repeatedly sending messages offensive to a person.

-Cyber talk which consists of harassing through threats of death or highly intimidating.

-Denigrating by sending a false, or with cruel content about a person or group of persons.

-Mascaraed, pretending  being someone else when sending or publishing material that makes evil look a person in places that can cause potential damage to a person or group of persons.

-From outlets or tricks that is carried out by sending or posting material about a person that contains sensitive, private or embarrassing, information including the forwarding of messages or private images.

-Exclusion which are specific actions with the intention to exclude a person or group of people of an event.

Here there is more information about

Stalkers are people who are close to the victim, often with positions of power over this as heads, teachers, or couples.

The other way of terrorizing is using the media, usually journalists or bloggers of low profile that does not take into account journalistic ethics of the profession used his power over others to put bread on the table and forget that the information is the most valuable for a society.

Sometimes people contribute with harassment to forward messages, comment, or share news but speaking about it is helping to harassers to achieve their goal: more people humiliating, vilifying, or attacking a victim is much better.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Profile stalkers

Direct stalkers usually are people who are close to the victim, often with positions of power over this as bosses, teachers, professors, or couples.

They are people obsessed with their victims, to establish a relationship of passion-hate which becomes dependent.

They are characterized by grandiose ideas of their own importance and are assumed as the only ones who can punish others, putting aside the laws and the rights of others.

Absorb in unlimited fantasies of success and power. They assume how perfect and able to achieve what nobody has been able to achieve. They desperately seeking public attention.

They see themselves as special and unique,  and have an excessive need to be admired, so they suffer from megalomania.

They tend to be exploiters of the people around, but lack empathy, even if he pretends to have warm feelings for others.

Usually behaviors and arrogant attitudes, manifested through the envy to others, but at the same time, they becomes obsessed with the idea that others envy you.

They are selfish, angry with life, deprived of social prestige, people capable of doing harm to others without limits, with the clear intention to annul his victim, going round the edge it to suicide.

Experience moments of anxiety and paranoia that can make them even more dangerous.
They are found in high-level social circles, such as professionals, artists, and businessmen. Studies show that men are generally those who wield it, but not only about women, either young, elderly or minority social groups can be found on man.

Monday, February 4, 2013

What is cyber harassment?

Cyber harassment can be defined as the use of electronic or  private information through media which can be email, social networks, blogs, instant messaging, text messages, mobile phones or internet sites in order to explicit defame, harass an individual or group of people, using personal attacks on their person or credibility, which constitutes a Cybercrime.

These offenses may be exercised personally, i.e. a person exerts a direct action on another person or group of persons.

It can be done indirectly, when a person asks others to exert defamatory or humiliating actions on other people, for example through media.

People can be part of this crime, sharing messages, photographs that humiliate or defames a third person, known or not, therefore support violent actions against a person or a group of people. You can see more at

Like the ciberbullyng, the cyber harassment isn't child's play. People come to such a degree of desperation attacks that health can be altered in a chronic way due to stress but persons can comite suicide after years or month of humilliation . So it is that those who wield it should be considered criminals.