Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Howard Gardner does justice by his own hand

Howard Gardner is a famous professor at  Harvard University who starring  one of the most talked  scandals in few mass media America an open a very serious and dangerous cyber harassment.

He claimed to be a victim of a scam,  but his actions make us think if he is good enough, since he fell in the lowest human temptations, despite being a researcher of intelligence and the good work.
December 2010, Howard Gardner through a mexican magazine  accuses a Mexican professor of "Academic fraud" and asked public sentence to this Person, even if there were some others, here two extracts of the letter sent to the magazine.

Clearly he is  not only seeking "justice" he is asking to readers to condemn, he tried justice  by his own hand which is illegal obviously, but that starts a series of events that inadvertently helped to a stalker.

This complain, in the right forum would have been perfectly legal at any court, however he opens the door to a criminal act at international size.

The result? a violent cyber stalker which began sending massive anonymous emails to other proffesors of the mexican educative institution, family and friends of the victim. Everybody should know the kind of person she is... even wishing her dead

This is a clear example of a stalker with all the possible ways to harassment. He has sent multiple emails to the victim, friends, colleges, family, mass media. He has talked about kill her, uses multiple names, emails accounts, social media with a clear unhealthy obsession about the victim and professor Gardner.

The door that opened the action of the prestigious Howard Gardner, escaped from  the control of the University authorities. With a media  attacking to the "author" of the fraud, claimed by Gardner and then other persons but never a judge, and she didn't have right of reply, because she  left her country.

Of course this begins a series of acts inconsistent with the educational institutions of Mexico as the of the prestigious University in Boston University in Boston.
Displays the result a violent Stalker which began sending massive anonymous mode so cruel that here the thoughts of a person of the University.

The most unfortunate thing of this "academic" case is that after 2 years of analyze, police found out  the stalker is a "educated person" with a PhD in social psychology obsessed with both the victim and Gardner, who spends his time studying  cyberbullying.
 So far professor Gardner still smiles to the cameras saying he understands intelligence and the "good work".

Stalker is still teaching at the Mexican institution.

Victim...  is trying to rebuild her life.

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