Sunday, March 3, 2013

Higher Risk Groups

The main risk groups primarily are  those suffering where there is a higher level of competency and may seem incredible if those persons have a very high level,  beginning with the Univerities, it seems education does not remove violence, especially when resources  are limited and there is a race to push one side the  Competition.

A police report shows  57% of victims know their stalkers, 45% were couples, boy friends, girlfriends,  or spouse , 19.5% of attacks occur after a e-date.

71% of cases increase the level of harassment, reaching 25% of people who attempted or succeeded in physical violence against his victim.

The Other Son Attacks floors racist towards ethnic minorities as Jews, the characters of color, gays and lesbians, women who have had abortions, artist, Elderly and Children course.

The fact that the attacks happen sometimes between educated persons indicates that an educated people shows education braces not naturally human violence.

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