Saturday, March 9, 2013

Yahoo email account Hacked

Do you have an email account with Yahoo? well, Read this carefully: your email account is in risk and it can be hacked!
Since several months housands of email accounts have been hacked, How can you know it?  Simple,  You receive an email from Yahoo and notifies you that they detect a login attempt with valid password to your Yahoo account from an unrecgnized device and the Localization is Poland

They suggest you to change your password and activate a SECOND sign in verification with your mobile phone.which is the most STUPID suggestion!!Hello? Yahoo is not capable to keep your private information DO NOT add more private information to your account!

You receive an email like this:

The next thing you know, IF you are lucky is a list of Mailer Deamon telling you your emails bounced:
And now what? what should I do? keep calm, this hacker is not a stalker and you didn't left open your email account in a public place, this has been happening since several month , My only one advice: CHANGE your password, but don't forget is a security issue from Yahoo, you have the risk of suffering another attack.

Choose the option Change your password and you'll see this screen

Request to change the pssword and the type it and then you will see this screen

Finally I suggest you to View your recent Sign in Activity and you will have a screen like this:

All reports say this hacker works from Poland  Do you remember my post about IP addresses??

If you have a little bit of time and search the IP you will find something like this:

Here it comes the dark side of all this : Yahoo knows it but users  are still being hacked.You only need a free acces IP app to see all this, WHY Yahoo does nothing?

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