Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Science and harassment

If you believe scientists are decent persons, who can control impulses and understand in a better way the human being, you are wrong!, science is the most violent environment, because there is a clear power line.

It doesn't matter the level science has only few positions and thousands of persons trying to get a place in the science world.

I'll posted about the case of Howard Gardner, who take justice by his own hand, and how he open a door for a very violent Stalker in Mexico but for now, I want to share the note of the day, Johan Leher.

He was exposed by plagiarism, that can be ok, but the time, effort and pages that this causes has been overwhelming!. 

Here just an example 

Twitter was one of their best forum

 Everybody talks about this

A particular case? No!, unfortunately!

Here an example 
  The worst part of this post: Administrator of the site verify the email addres and she said: Subject: Re: Scientopia Guest Blog
"Thanks for letting me know. I tried to contact him but the emails all bounced, which from what you've told me doesn't surprise me much. Thanks for dealing so calmly with all this"

But, even this, the post was not deleted or reported, even if it was against the rules of the own site. This is an example of how persons accept harassment.

Not enough? Do you feel that education build civil minds? another note

Humans can be worst than animals when they have a chance, if there is an option between you and I, science point direct: I put mud on you, humans rights are just letters on a paper.

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