Friday, February 8, 2013

Profile stalkers

Direct stalkers usually are people who are close to the victim, often with positions of power over this as bosses, teachers, professors, or couples.

They are people obsessed with their victims, to establish a relationship of passion-hate which becomes dependent.

They are characterized by grandiose ideas of their own importance and are assumed as the only ones who can punish others, putting aside the laws and the rights of others.

Absorb in unlimited fantasies of success and power. They assume how perfect and able to achieve what nobody has been able to achieve. They desperately seeking public attention.

They see themselves as special and unique,  and have an excessive need to be admired, so they suffer from megalomania.

They tend to be exploiters of the people around, but lack empathy, even if he pretends to have warm feelings for others.

Usually behaviors and arrogant attitudes, manifested through the envy to others, but at the same time, they becomes obsessed with the idea that others envy you.

They are selfish, angry with life, deprived of social prestige, people capable of doing harm to others without limits, with the clear intention to annul his victim, going round the edge it to suicide.

Experience moments of anxiety and paranoia that can make them even more dangerous.
They are found in high-level social circles, such as professionals, artists, and businessmen. Studies show that men are generally those who wield it, but not only about women, either young, elderly or minority social groups can be found on man.

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