Sunday, February 17, 2013

Blocking users in Google Plus

Note: this post has a photography that can offend and it's not rated to children younger than 15 years old.
Similar to all social networks, Google Plus let us find and know to an amazing number of people, but maybe not all of them are trustworthy persons, or we may not like what they share.
Of course, there is the case that  a stalker   is shielding itself behind a name and an account on the service.

Today I'll show you how to block a user on Google plus, in this case, the complaint comes because sexually explicit.

Please if you are a minor, ask that an adult accompany you.

Although this user does not show all his pictures  explicitly  because uses filters  to allow only some users to see them, his pics can cause some discomfort.

When a new user added you to his (her)  circles, we receive an email, the best to try to block from the link of that email  and not from Google plus tab in the toolbar, because sometimes the system does not understand the request.

Open your email and see the user's profile.

 In this case the images are not very convenient if you have small children around, so click the name of the user side, you can see it at the center of the screen, and find a small a tab that says Report Abuse.

 You may see two options, report abuse and / or block the user, I suggest perform both actions,that way  this user will not contact you anymore and the department of complaints of Google revise the user and his/her contents.

Even when a user who has multiple followers may not look dangerous, can be part of a network operating jointly for attract victims. Although of course is the event that either a person obsessed with sex.

Google asks you specify the reasons why crashes when user.

 The report is sent to Google.

This way you can report someone because his/her content is not appropriate or if one persons is causing us problems.


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