Wednesday, February 13, 2013

How can be done the cyber harassment?

There are multiple ways in which harasses can be done, among which have been found are:

-Sending messages of anger, rude, vulgar in a direct way to one or several persons privately or in a group.

-Harassing repeatedly sending messages offensive to a person.

-Cyber talk which consists of harassing through threats of death or highly intimidating.

-Denigrating by sending a false, or with cruel content about a person or group of persons.

-Mascaraed, pretending  being someone else when sending or publishing material that makes evil look a person in places that can cause potential damage to a person or group of persons.

-From outlets or tricks that is carried out by sending or posting material about a person that contains sensitive, private or embarrassing, information including the forwarding of messages or private images.

-Exclusion which are specific actions with the intention to exclude a person or group of people of an event.

Here there is more information about

Stalkers are people who are close to the victim, often with positions of power over this as heads, teachers, or couples.

The other way of terrorizing is using the media, usually journalists or bloggers of low profile that does not take into account journalistic ethics of the profession used his power over others to put bread on the table and forget that the information is the most valuable for a society.

Sometimes people contribute with harassment to forward messages, comment, or share news but speaking about it is helping to harassers to achieve their goal: more people humiliating, vilifying, or attacking a victim is much better.

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