Monday, February 4, 2013

What is cyber harassment?

Cyber harassment can be defined as the use of electronic or  private information through media which can be email, social networks, blogs, instant messaging, text messages, mobile phones or internet sites in order to explicit defame, harass an individual or group of people, using personal attacks on their person or credibility, which constitutes a Cybercrime.

These offenses may be exercised personally, i.e. a person exerts a direct action on another person or group of persons.

It can be done indirectly, when a person asks others to exert defamatory or humiliating actions on other people, for example through media.

People can be part of this crime, sharing messages, photographs that humiliate or defames a third person, known or not, therefore support violent actions against a person or a group of people. You can see more at

Like the ciberbullyng, the cyber harassment isn't child's play. People come to such a degree of desperation attacks that health can be altered in a chronic way due to stress but persons can comite suicide after years or month of humilliation . So it is that those who wield it should be considered criminals.

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