Thursday, February 14, 2013

A prevention project

Someone is bothering, now what?

First of all, keep calm and take it easy, sounds like ok? well, it's not so simple. Yes!, I know that person in f---g Your reputation, life and time, but be patient, one day is going to have a mistake and police will find enough to catch her/him.

Tip #1, save all evidences, people with fear has a natural tendency to delete the files, or emails, keep them!, every one and if your friends receive something, ask them to save it too.

Tip # 2, where to call the police? when you notice a pattern or find a higher level of violence. One email or one comment is not enough.

Tip #3, talk about it with your friends, people support keep you alive.

Tip # 4, don't reply, ignore it, stalker needs to know you are in pain, don't give her/him that pleasure.

Here there are a couple of Advices and here other made for teenager but it can work with adults good enough 

How much time can be necessary to stop your stalker?, sometimes 1 month, sometimes 2 or 3 years, but sooner or later they have a mistake, don't worry!.

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