Monday, February 18, 2013

Facebook and Twiiter

We all love social networks offer us the opportunity to meet new people, interact with people they already know, to have social circles.
Of the first things you learn in the police units is that people are social by nature. Why do take care then?, Well human nature is violent.
Facebook, Twitter, Google and all its applications spend millions on research for the safety of users. MILLIONS.
Some people claim that there is no need to legislate the Internet, it is true, this is unnecessary for 90% of users Who are the other 10%? hackers, stalkers, rapists, murderers.
Ok, I do not want to scare anyone, we spent hours on facebook and twitter and we can continue to do so with some protection rules.

We should trust only the people we know but it's always good to meet new people.
Accepts new people on facebook, only if they:
- They are friends of your friends.
- They have a real name, if you find a magic flower and has a picture (although this may be false) and also not published anything and has no pictures of friends, travel or work, not l accept that person.

- I asked to be your friend or say know but do not know where. Follow your instincts.
-When a user opens your mind starts looking for his acquaintances, if you're the second on its list and we have any idea who he is, do not accept it and not be afraid to say you do not know.
The option of "I do not know this person" has saved to so many persons of potential stalkers.

 All right, you know someone bothers you and you want to block, go to the Security menu and left after the block is observed, there you can: restrict interaction list, block users who are already in your account, add user emails whereby no contact is desired, or block applications invitations events.

If your account has been reported, when you enter you looked something like this.

If you think it was an error, please contact directly to Facebook, because someone could use your account for a crime and were reported.
You still do not feel safe?, You can always contact the Facebook team to do something for you.

Twitter is easier for the user gasping, or spam messages simply click on the .... or contact directly to twitter.

Twitter makes it easy for users and calls report any anomaly, this can be an inappropriate photo or comment, but not delete suggests, they may serve as evidence in some trials.

One gets the idea that private communications can not be used in court cases, but the law in most countries indicates that this is so, provided IF "does not harm others."

Never close your social networking accounts if someone bothers you, there are safe enough to not be afraid, just learn to block annoying users.
Safety is  number one of all.
Enjoy social networks.

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